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Soffit Work by EMA Builders

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Almost all roofs in either homes or businesses have soffit as part of their roofing and EMA Builders are soffit specialist. If you look at your roof from outside and look at the underside of the overhanging eaves, then you will most likely see soffit. The material that covers the roof overhang and meets up to the side of the building is soffit. This covering has both an aesthetic and functional purpose and is generally seen as a small but essential part of finishing a roof installation. It’s like skin for the eaves and without it, the rafter beams would be fully exposed to the elements and easily seen.

The Benefits of Having Soffits

Aesthetically, it gives something nice to look at while finishing off the eaves. There are many different styles and colors that you can choose from to add some class and character to your building. Functionally speaking, soffit shields the rafters from the elements and protects them from warping and damage. Exposed rafters accumulate dust and mold and can create a major cleaning and health nightmares.

EMA Builders offers two different basic types of soffit, solid and vented. The vented soffit design looks like thin metal or fiberglass sheets that has small holes all through it. This allows air to flow into the eaves and the upper areas of your roof to help keep things cool and to help control humidity and keep the air in your home or business clean. Solid soffit designs have no holes, but make use of vents placed every 50-10 feet to allow the necessary air flow while giving a cleaner and more finished look to your soffit.

For more information on the different options EMA Builders offer and to see samples of past projects contact us today. Our team of expert roofers is waiting to answer all of your questions!

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