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Cedar Shake Roof by EMA Builders

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A shake is the term used for basic wooden shingles fashioned from split logs. Traditionally, shakes have been used around the world as roofing and siding material because of its availability and ease of development. Higher grade shakes commonly find their way to the roofs and lower grade shakes are used most often in siding. In either situation, long lasting weather protection as well as a rustic authenticity and attained with high quality shake roofing. Although they do require more maintenance and routine cleaning and occasional repair compared to the modern weatherproofing roofing, shake is still a wonderful option that many people are discovering. The term shake may be used as the colloquialism for all wood shingles, but it is important to note that nowadays, wood shingles are sawn rather than split.

EMA Builders specializes in offering high quality Cedar Shake Roofing options that are recommended for homeowners, who live in areas, where weather changes a lot. Cedar shake roofs may last for up to 50 years, but they need to be properly maintained. Not to worry though as the skilled and experienced team of roofing experts at EMA Builders can help you with installation and maintenance of your shake roof. This type of wood is gaining popularity in the area not just for its rustic and authentic look, but also because it is highly energy efficient.

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roof

  • Long life expectancy with proper installation and maintenance, which EMA Builders can assist with every step of the way
  • Energy efficiency is not to be surpassed because of natural origins and composition
  • Durability that resists damage and wear that can affect more delicate synthetic roofing materials or designs
  • Gets prettier with age for those who are looking for a weathered and more natural look to their roof
  • Little care is required aside from minor maintenance several times a year to ensure structural integrity
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